Lotus, a meditative reading app

Lotus is a meditative novella enriched with sound, color and animation. This story can only be read in the specially developed, acclaimed application for iPhone and iPad. The first two chapters are free.

The young programmer Luc Numan takes a journey through the night, encounters a supporting cast of varying plumage, learns a lesson from it all. But that’s ten years ago. Now, two game makers immerse themselves in his experiences, and you, the reader, go with them.

Lotus was created by writer Niels ’t Hooft, artist Saskia Freeke, game studio Codeglue, and audio studio SonicPicnic. You put on your headphones, shut yourself off from your surroundings, and float away into a new kind of narrative experience.

Further reading about the design and development process writen by Niels ’t Hooft’: Cultivating ‘Lotus’