SCROLLLLLL is a playful and tangible interactive installation that reflects on our daily interactions with technology. We engage with technology everyday, scrolling up and down through images and text on social media channels, using the same gestures over and over. These gestures are embedded in our daily lives and have become almost unconscious, and we rarely think about what they are or what they mean. SCROLLLLLL makes these interactions playful. The artworks draw on research that shows that when we play as an approach to experience the world, we are more open to exploring. We explore through engaging with technology. When we explore, we play.

SCROLLLLLL consists of two pieces, the first translates physical interactions onto the digital screen. Pulling a strap causes the scrolling of an adjacent digital screen overloaded with gifs that themselves take a playful approach to our current use of technology.

The second piece translates digital interaction to a physical screen. A familiar scrolling gesture on a touchscreen enables a physical scrolling, or flipping, through multiple analog mechanical flip screens comprised of coloured cards with lasercut tweets about technology.

The design of the installation is open and transparent. It shows how each machine works. Taking inspiration from playground equipment, the works deliberately avoid hiding the way each artefact functions. Showing the mechanism or technology contributes to the pleasure of the interaction, to the beauty of the machine and our playful attitude towards the technology we are engaging with.

The installation invites you to explore and engage with physical and digital interactions, in the hope of opening your views towards technology. Let’s explore and play more in our daily lives.